Construction Consultant

J.A. Barker Engineering, Inc., provides direct, to-the-point engineering help to contractors and builders with design/build projects and structural questions. Clients deal directly with the technical staff on all matters, without being filtered through marketing personnel.

We focus on efficiency and timeliness — providing the needed answers, help, and advice on time and as promised. We respect the accomplishments of contracts and builders, and believe that they can do even more amazing things by partnering with experienced professional engineers. Thus, it is both our pleasure and our business to help contractors when requested.

Common services include falsework design, checking and certification, temporary shoring for construction, sheet piling design, and screed calculations. Equally important, we are able and willing to partner with contractors to achieve an efficient delivery of a completed project. Our overriding view is that together, engineers and contractors can achieve remarkable efficiency and quality.

Some of our recent projects have been:

Cinergy Transmission Tower… When meandering of the White River threatened to undermine a tower in a primary transmission line, Barker Engineering partnered with Milestone Contractors, LP, to provide a cost effective turnkey solution for CINERGY. The resulting armored sheet-piling cofferdam is designed to resist stream forces, debris, tower loads and scour when the tower is in the middle of the river.

Temporary Shoring for Covered Bridge Rehab… Gates Company contracted to replace large portions of the lower chord of a covered bridge in Brown County, Indiana. Barker Engineering worked with Gates to devise a shoring plan that fit Gate’s capabilities and allowed safe construction.

Haul Road Improvement… When CXR Corp. had to haul contaminated soil to Michigan for disposal, Barker Engineering designed temporary shoring to county bridges and culverts along the route so that the county property would not be damaged. We coordinated with county officials and a second contractor to achieve the completed work in place in time for CXR’s schedule, which required hauling to start 14 days after we were contacted. We worked with Smith Nubecker Associates, which did the pavement engineering.

Bridge Rating… We analyzed the load capacity of a bridge in Owen County and rated its ability to carry construction traffic for Tower Service and Mfg. Co., as it builds a broadcast tower on the far side. We recommended the weight limit that would avoid damage to county property.

Tibetan Temple… Working for Miller Architects, Barker Engineering did the foundation design and the roof slab design for the unique Chortan built in 1999 in Bloomington. The structure was dedicated by the Dali Lama a few months afterwards.

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