New Bridges

James Barker, P.E., has over twenty-five years experience in the design of roads and bridges, from locally funded bridge projects for county governments, to federally funded projects for state government, and ranging in construction cost from $40,000 to $1,400,000. The bridges range from concrete slab bridges crossing small streams to multispan, prestressed bulb-T designs crossing major rivers.

Mr. Barker has designed more than 60 public bridges, all of which have been successfully constructed by County and State highway agencies. Drainage area size has ranged from less than two square miles, to over a thousand square miles.

Design work has included hydraulic calculations, economic analysis for structure size and type determination, traffic engineering considerations, aesthetic concerns, structural design, and plan preparation. Coordination for right-of-way and utility needs, and construction inspection has been done when needed. Environmental studies are performed for those projects that involve federal assistance.

The projects listed below hint at the range of our experience

Monroe County Bridge 98… a three-span, 139-foot long bridge over Clear Creek. Prestressed concrete spread box-beams were used. Integral end bents and concrete piers on bedrock support the beams.

Jefferson County Bridge 43… a four-span, 322-foot long bridge over Big Creek. This bridge is pictured at the top of this page. Four lines of type III prestressed I-beams support the two 78′ spans and two 83′ spans.

Hodges Ditch… a 3-span, continuous reinforced concrete slab bridge that carries State Highway 67 over Hodges Ditch near Paragon, Indiana. This project was designed for INDOT.

Ripley County Bridge 110… a modest bridge replacement, where a 20′-span, poured-in-place, 3 sided box culvert was designed to replace a similarly-sized bridge. Money was saved by designing a 3-sided structure keyed into rock, and using the natural bedrock surface to supply the bottom.

Ripley County Bridge 64… Instead of replacing the historic 21-ft. high by 30′ span, stone arch, it was renovated to meet all modern needs at less cost than a total replacement. New wingwalls were added to stabilize existing 1 to 1 slopes. Tie backs through the fill stabilized the side walls. And most important, a new, reinforced concrete deck was constructed to protect the arch, spread the load, and widen the travelway.

Decatur County Bridge #3… This is a 300-foot long, three span bridge using prestressed concrete bulb-T beams to achieve a 107′ middle span. The bridge carries old State Road 421 across the Flat Rock River.

Some of the foregoing projects were designed prior to the founding of J.A. Barker Engineering. However, Mr. Barker was the chief designer and Engineer-of-Record for each.

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