J. A. Barker Engineering, Inc. was founded in August, 1998, by James Barker, P.E., a registered professional engineer in Indiana with over 27 years experience in bridge design, structural design, building inspection, road design and hydraulic engineering.

Barker Engineering specializes in structural and public works engineering and has extensive experience in the repair and restoration of historical structures. One of our specialties is the restoration of covered bridges, iron truss structures, and arch bridges of stone or concrete construction. Mr. Barker has designed over 90 road and bridge projects in Indiana. He has designed major repairs and rehabilitations to 12 covered bridges, 6 metal truss structures, 4 stone arch bridges and 3 concrete arch bridges. The expertise in covered bridge repair and hydraulics naturally translates to other heavy timber structures such as mills and canal structures.

Click here for pictures of Monon Trail-Freedom Bridge Project 0902237