Current Projects

Franklin County Bridge #73…(also known as the Stockheughter Bridge) carries Enochsburg Road over Salt Creek. Our project will repair the 92’ long, 1887 single-span Howe truss bridge. The work will repair damage from traffic impact, and neglect over a period of decades. We will return the structure to a state close to its original form. When repair work is completed the intermediate piers that currently help support the bridge will be removed and the stone abutments will have been restored to return the bridge to a near-original state in both appearance and structural behavior.

Freedom Bridge…a 300 foot Pennsylvania truss that once spanned the West Fork of the White River, has been moved off the river as part of a bridge replacement project in Owen County, Indiana. The iron truss has been dismantled and carried to Conner Prairie Museum in Fishers, Indiana, where it will be re-erected again over the West Fork of the White River, far upstream from its present location. In its new location, Freedom Bridge will be part of an expansion of Conner Prairie Museum, connecting a new 1886 farm with a planned 1936 farm.For further information, visit Conner Prairie’s website.

Hancock County Bridge #17Rehabilitation of Hancock County Bridge #17 over Sugar Creek, This project is to rehabilitate a 92 foot long Pratt thru iron truss, including tuckpointing abutments, repairing scour damage to NE corner and NE wingwall, repairing damaged members in truss, providing a stronger bridge railing and off-structure guardrail, cleaning and painting the bridge superstructure and minor approach road improvements. The iron truss bridge was designed by Winfield S. Fries and constructed by Columbia Bridge Company in 1887.

White County Tioga BridgeRehabilitation of White County Bridge #298, the Tioga Bridge, on the south side of Monticello, over the Tippecanoe River, connecting White County and Carroll County, Indiana. Bridge will be used for pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.

Jackson County Bell Ford Covered Bridge…the only surviving Post truss covered bridge in the world, Things are looking up, finally, after a rough year during which half of the two span bridge collapsed into the East Fork of the White River during a severe wind storm in February, 1999. The Jackson County Parks Department has secured Federal Aid Enhancement Funds for the rehabilitation of this historic bridge, built in 1869 by the Seymour Bridge Company. Restoration of the collapsed truss will involve repairing some members and replacing others.

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